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Tai Chi for Health and Fitness

  Tai Chi For Health   

Improve strength, flexibility, balance along with overall health and longevity with the gently rhythmic movements of Tai Chi.

*Easy to follow along videos and instruction for beginners and for people who just want to move a few minutes a day. You can practice anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace.  Even a few minutes a day builds up over time.

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This online course provides a series of 3-to-6-minute clips designed to take you through the basics of Tai Chi and martial arts exercises for health and longevity. Ideal for beginners!

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Benefits of Tai Chi

  • Improves balance, posture, and functional mobility.

  • Relaxes and balances the nervous system.

  • Improves brain function, focus, and memory.

  • Improves overall health.

  • Provides a gentle form of exercise that is safe for all ages and fitness levels.


Course Description


This course is an ideal starting point for learning the basics of Tai Chi. Dr. Scott Timpanelli, a practicing chiropractor ( and experienced Tai Chi practitioner, will take you through Chen Style Tai Chi movements and stances that are easy to learn and appropriate for all ages.

Follow along with the videos at home or in the office!










Three Stances You can Practice Anywhere





Dr. Scott Timpanelli  864-386-8316

Office Contact: 4006 E. North St. Greenville SC 29615

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*no public class at this time

Email for class fees.

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Dr. Scott is has been studying martial arts, different styles, for over 30 yrs.  He has trained with his teacher Jimmy for over 10 yrs.  Studying Chen Taiji in the Chen Zhenglei lineage.

Other beginner class opportunities are Thursday night with my teacher Jimmy Dong - go to

Dr Scott Timpanelli is a practicing chiropractor since 1998.  Dr. Scott has extensive knowledge in Anatomy &  Physiology having taught that subject at Greenville Technical College for over ten years.

Scott is originally from Connecticut and began his martial arts training back in the Mid 1980's.  

He has a strong background in Chinese Martial Arts holding a black belt in Shaolin Kempo. He has also studied other martial styles including Jujitsu, Wing Chun, and Aikido.


He trained Chen Style Tai Chi exclusively with his teacher Jimmy Dong (, from 2008 - 2020.  Our style has a direct linkage to Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei.   

He has continued his training with Nabil Ranne' at CTN academy 


“Tai Chi Training is keeping me strong, balanced, and young!  This new class ‘Chen Tai Chi for Health’ is the starting point for anyone interested in Tai Chi.  The principles of Tai chi can and will add to or accentuate any other activity you do for your health.  The slow rhythmic movements help to naturally stimulate every joint in the body, increase circulation without hardcore aerobic exercise, increase balance, improve flexibility, range of motion, even an increased sense of well being.”   


This class provides an ideal starting point for anyone learning Tai Chi for the first time and is suitable for ALL ages.  It is also a great ‘Tai Chi’ basics workout for people who are experienced in other styles.

Scott Timpanels 

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We believe that fitness is key to a happy and healthy life and we’re happy to help.

This class provides and ideal starting point for anyone learning Tai Chi for the first time. It is also optimal for people who just want to experience the health benefits of a Tai Chi workout!

This class will cover the basic movements of 18 and Chen Forms. Other training will include: Joint warm up exercises to help energy flow; Silk Reeling energy exercises to build Tai Chi Internal energy; Qi Gong exercises.



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